Formalogy Lucky Numbers

Info & Instructions for iPhone/iPod App


Formalogy is only a paranormal theory. No one may know how close our psychics formulas are to the truth, yet something that has been an integral part of ever-changing human history for 4,500 years and survived through modern times cannot be based on imaginary or fantastic notions alone. Therefore, since our methods and sets of rules are directly stemmed from demonstrated techniques, our modus operandi should not be less trustworthy or less reliable. Whether you are a lottery devotee, a betting fan, a casual player, a businessman, someone who is in love or anyone who believes in fortunate numbers, you may generate as many personal lucky numbers as you like.

Best of Luck to You!


  1. Tap on the sound icon on the Home Screen to mute/un-mute the music
  2. Tap on the data fields to enter/change values
  3. Use clover tabs at the bottom of the screen to switch between "Lottery Numbers", "Lucky Numbers" or "Lucky Date"
  4. Use Home Icon on the top left top corner to return to Home Screen and change the name/birthday values
  5. Your last entered values are saved automatically


The Home screen lets you enter your name and birthday – these main values along with the other factors are the key analyzing and determining your desired lucky numbers.


  1. First Name – enter your first name (the system supports legal names or nicknames)
  2. Birth Day – select your date of birth (month, day, year)
  3. Tap on the "Go" to move to the next screen
  4. Use clover tabs to navigate and choose between "Lottery Numbers", "Lucky Numbers" or "Lucky Date"
  5. Follow guidelines for each screen


Lottery games have their own rules: as how many numbers and what type of numbers to pick, as well as the range of numbers in the game. For example, the most common lottery type, lotto 6/49, offers the selection of 6 numbers from 1 to 49 (the highest number drawn). For your convenience, we have provided a list of Sample Rules for several popular lotteries – please see the link located below instructions. We aim on expanding that page by adding other lotteries from all over the world.

Most popular lotteries do not use number '0'(zero) and do not allow to pick the same number more than once (repeat numbers), but some lotteries do. Also, each lottery can have its own requirements for an additional single pick or a separate set of numbers that you must match (in addition to the main set) to win a jackpot. These extra picks usually called Mega or Bonus numbers and can be 1, 2, or 3 extra numbers you must select from a special, shorter range.

Formalogy Lottery Numbers generator gives multiple configuration options tailored to almost any lottery specification played around the world. You only need to know the basics and choose correct settings ones – your entries will be saved automatically on your return. The rules for lotteries are usually published on their respective Websites, or you can always ask the vendor.


  1. How many numbers – select how many total numbers must be picked (from 3 to 9)
  2. Highest number drawn – this will define the range of numbers in the game from 1 to your selected and highest available number (from 9 to 99)
  3. Repeat numbers – are numbers unique or can be repeated in the winning results? (select YES or NO)
  4. Include '0' (zero) – is number '0' included in the range? (select YES or NO); this will change the range of numbers to start from '0' being the lowest
  5. Mega/Bonus number – does your game require an extra set of picks, such as Mega/Bonus numbers? (select YES or NO)
  6. How many bonus numbers – select how many bonus numbers should be picked (from 1 to 3)
  7. Highest bonus number – this will define the range of numbers for the bonus set from 1 to your selected and highest available number (from 9 to 99)
  8. Drawing Date – select the date of the lottery drawing (when will this game actually be "played")
  9. Shake your phone or tap on the "Generate" to instantly calculate your lottery numbers

You can even select drawing dates from the past, just for fun! Wouldn't it be fascinating to check if you could've been a winner with Formalogy numbers before?



The Instant Lucky Number generator will produce a single number based solely on your name, birthday, and your local time, independently of any other events or factors. This is simply your personal fortunate figure of the moment – it will change at any minute!


  1. Local date – select your date
  2. Local time – select your time
  3. Digits quantity – select how many digits you want (from 1 to 5)
  4. Shake your phone or tap on the "Generate" to calculate your instant lucky number

You can always adjust current pre-filled values to a specific date and time and get your lucky number in advance!


The Lucky Date generator is meant for personal affairs and business dealings that require a selection of an appropriate day of the month. Whether you are planning your first romantic date, scheduling an important meeting or perhaps choosing a day for the upcoming marriage or other significant occasion, the mystical numeric values of your name and birthday will pick the right day for you within a given month.


  1. Month – select your month
  2. Year – select your year
  3. Shake your phone or tap on the "Generate" to calculate your lucky day

Don't get frustrated if in the current month the Lucky Date you requested has passed already – there is always a next month!