Formalogy - Lucky Numbers, Days and Lotto Picks

Got an iPhone or an iPod Touch? We know you were expecting the Formalogy application, and we hope you'd love what we've done. That's right folks; we at developed a new and wonderful app for Apple's iTunes store that will allow our followers to have their Lucky Numbers on the go! This new application called "Formalogy - Lucky Numbers, Days and Lotto Picks" and is now available for purchase in the App Store. It's exactly what it sounds like - this application at a touch of a button or a light shake instantly generates your personalized lucky numbers.
Formalogy's mobile app brings your personal Instant Lucky Numbers, Lucky Date and Lucky Lottery Numbers no matter where you are. The calculations are based on the same proven principals that have effectively been in operation for many years at The app is minimally priced and requires no subscriptions or monthly fees. Once you've successfully instated it, you don't even need an Internet or a Wi-Fi connection. Doesn't matter if you're in America, Asia, Europe or any other place - all you need to do is to visit your iTunes Store and download the Formalogy application. Or you can just click on the direct link below and follow download instructions:

Formalogy - Lucky Numbers, Days and Lotto Picks

Lucky Numbers for your iPhone

To read the Formalogy application Press Release and other comments from the users, please visit this here: Introduces New Mobile Application. Our iPhone-friendly pages with app's Instructions and sample Lottery Rules can also be seen by anyone; however they're expressly optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

For those aficionados and supporters who for whatever reason don't use an iPhone or an iPod Touch, we are soliciting for your feedback. You can e-mail us with your request by letting us know what brand of smart-phone you have and how interested you will be in seeing a Formalogy app developed for your mobile device brand. We always welcome other creative suggestions as well; please be specific, brief and to the point.
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