Lucky Jokes

01/18/2017 03:44 AM
Pirates learning the alphabet
Jack: Why does it take so long for pirates to learn the alphabet? Derek: Why? Jack: Because they could spend years at C.

01/17/2017 12:01 AM
What the cheese said
Joshua: What did the cheese say when it scored a goal? Kevin: What? Joshua: “I’m gouda at this!”

01/16/2017 12:01 AM
“How To Win A 5K”
A book never written: “How To Win A 5K” by Sprintz A. Lott.

01/15/2017 12:01 AM
A parrot’s favorite game
Brett: What is a parrot’s favorite game? Aaron: I don’t know. Brett: Hide and speak.

01/14/2017 12:01 AM
Why the calf crossed the road
Raymond: Why did the calf cross the road? Jim: I don’t know. Raymond: To get to the udder side.

01/13/2017 06:03 PM
A keyboard’s blood type
Jack: What’s a keyboard’s blood type? Patrick: No clue. Jack: Typ-o!

01/10/2017 12:01 AM
Why the chicken crossed the basketball court
Peter: Why did the chicken cross the basketball court? Elaine: Tell me. Peter: Because the ref called foul!

01/09/2017 12:01 AM
A geometry teacher who studies magic
George: What do you call a geometry teacher who studies magic? Clint: What? George: A mathemagician!

01/08/2017 12:11 AM
When you cross cheese with an evil guy
Jack: What do you get when you cross cheese with an evil guy? Kyle: Tell me. Jack: A Muenster!

01/04/2017 12:01 AM
An aardvark’s favorite pizza topping
Nick: What is an aardvark’s favorite pizza topping? Mick: What? Nick: Ant-chovies.

01/03/2017 12:01 AM
A book never written: “Physics” by Cy Ince.

01/02/2017 11:54 AM
Why the girl ate her homework
Braden: Why did the girl eat her homework? Jim: Tell me. Braden: Her teacher said it was a piece of cake.

12/27/2016 02:32 AM
“There’s something in my nose”
Tom Swiftie: “There’s something in my nose!” Tom snorted.

12/25/2016 06:26 AM
When you eat Christmas ornaments
Sam: What do you get when you eat Christmas ornaments? Devin: Not sure. Sam: Tinsel-itis!

12/22/2016 12:01 AM
Daffynition: Autobiography
Daffynition: Autobiography — A car’s life story.

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